Quote1 I was the Punisher. Long as there's a crime preying on innocents in the swill of corruption, I will be. Quote2
-- Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in " White"

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Synopsis for " White"

HE'S BACK! Gang leaders finally decide to see if this "Rook" is really the infamous, and believed dead vigilante, the Punisher. Frank continues to pay off his debt to cage. Still at odds about how violent Rook is.Frank is kidnapped by the gang, and they make him reveal that he is in fact the Punisher, alive. As Frank gets hold of a gun and tries to defend himself, and the doctor who changed his face, Cage comes to the rescue. As the fight ensues, the surgical disguise wears off of Frank, whom, " Fades to White". He tears of the duct tape hiding the skull of his kevlar uniform, and gathers up some weapons and fights the goons, but not as Rook , but the Punisher! Together, cage and Frank defeat all the goons. Cage is a little aggitated by the fact Rook was Castle, they part ways on slightly less than freindly terms.

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