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Caught in the middle between warring mob families Rosettis and Mecozzis at a Jersey landfill, Castle leaves, chasing after two terrorists who've just stolen a kilo of plutonium. Trusted informant Microchip gives Castle info on Manuel Herrera, ex-CIA, who he thinks sold the plutonium to the terrorists. Castle calls the feds but returning to his warehouse, sees it's been entered. Met by Rose Kugel, who claims to be Mossad, she invites him to verify her identity. Believing the threat to be at a certain celebration, they both check it out with no results. At a Mecozzi warehouse Frank and Rose figure out Ahmad is going to use the crane on top of Mezotti's Gallagher Plaza building to sprinkle plutonium over the crowd, including the mayor and other dignitaries, as they leave the premiere of "1776". At the building they neutralize the terrorists that have begun firing at them. Castle takes out Ahmad's partner Yasir but not before taking a shot to the shoulder. Climbing up to the crane, he sees Rose captured by Ahmad who orders him to drop his weapons or he will kill her. Ordered to climb out on the crane arm, Castle does so and jams the mechanism with his knife, preventing it from opening. Ahmad tosses Rose off the crane to her death. Castle charges and knocks him off the crane. Later he finds Rose never actually was a Mossad agent.

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