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White collar criminals, beware! The Punisher's on Wall Street, and he's armed to the teeth! On March 28th, Frank was reading an article on the Wall Street Journal about billionaire Arnold Ansen and his friend and fellow billionaire Roky Vance, who benefited at the expense of robbing thousands of investors. Additionally, there was also an article regarding the Skid-Row Slasher, who had just claimed another victim. Frank decided to go to Wall Street to pay the two billionaires a visit. On Wall Street, Quentin O'Toole was panhandling when "Mr. McRook" stopped by and went to eat breakfast with him at a diner. As they ate breakfast, O'Toole informed "McRook" of Vance's activities in the stock market and that he was already present in the office. Next, O'Toole got up and began to leave as O'Toole requested a gun from him.

Next, "McRook", who was in fact, Frank in disguise, met up with Microchip Jr. and had him dive him, tailing a limousine that Ansen and Vance rode to Warrick County, Connecticut, where they were to meet their Japanese business partners. Eventually, the Punisher and Microchip Jr. tailed Vance and Ansen to a building owned by MicroCorp., a subsidiary of Praxdorf, where Vance and Ansen worked. Next, Frank held his position at a hill overlooking the building and observed the men present with an infrared scope, spotting Mr. Hansen and Mr. Takegura. Suddenly, a large guard appeared and attempted to confront Frank, triggering a fight between the two. Suddenly, Microchip Jr. intervened and was knocked unconscious with a taser by the guard as a result. However, this gave Frank the opportunity to knock the guard unconscious. Next, Frank carried Microchip Jr.'s body back to their van and drove back to Microchip to treat Junior. As they attempted to treat Junior, Microchip informed Frank that O'Toole wanted to meet up with him the next day.

The next day, Frank, as Mr. McRook, met up with O'Toole, who informed him that he was at a seminar in 1972, where Takegura gave a speech about a plan to take over the American electronics industry and about how one of his bodyguards broke the leg of a female student nearby. After their conversation, "McRook" gave O'Toole $2,000 and a .45 revolver. Meanwhile, Roky Vance was meeting with Takegura and Hansen in the Praxdorf Building, before he took off with his bodyguard Sijo. Later, at midnight, in the Bowery, three men offered a passing by old man some wine. When he accepted, the three men pushed the man down and drew out blades. The old man was actually Frank, who beat up the three men and asked them if they were the Skid-Row Slasher, who he had been looking for some time. However, none of them were the Skid-Row Slasher.

Meanwhile, O'Toole was sitting down on the sidewalk when he heard footsteps. As the footsteps got closer, he saw Roky Vance (Earth-616) appear with a knife in his hand. In response, O'Toole drew out his .45 revolver and pointed it at Vance. However, before O'Toole could shoot Vance, Sijo came out from behind the former from an alley, disarmed him, and knocked him to the ground. Next, Vance grabbed O'Toole and prepared to kill him with his knife as Sijo took a photograph.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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