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Appearing in "Suicide Run, Part 3: Deadline"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Barnes (First appearance)
  • FBI
  • NYPD
  • Tess Clay (First appearance) (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "Suicide Run, Part 3: Deadline"

Local and federal authorities surround the collapsed Manhattan Tower. Tess Clay broadcasts a news report there. She interviews a man who noticed the truck that Mickey and Microchip used to get away.

After watching the news at a restaurant, Mickey and Microchip try to leave. However, the police have already found their van. Microchip refuses to remote destruct it because the officers are too close, so Mickey runs away.

Dean Swaybrick wakes and sees the news report. He is excited to hear about the Punisher's death, and makes various phone calls about releasing a book and a documentary. Swaybrick plans to rehabilitate Punisher's reputation and be recognized as his spiritual heir. He opens a hidden compartment in his wall that contains a customized Punisher costume.

VIGIL agents Blackwell and Jessup break into the apartment of Lynn Micheals. They find she has already escaped.

In England, Outlaw learns about the Punisher's death. He decides to go to America and find the Punisher's killers.

Punisher regains consciousness. He is pinned underneath beams and rubble. He tries to free himself, but passes out again.

Jimmy Pierce is taken to meet with his uncle, Tommy Cullen. His cousins start to attack him, but he fights back. Tommy explains he wants to create a new Punisher to handle extortion and protection, and gives Jimmy his own costume.

At a police impound lot, the authorities are distracted by smoke missiles. Microchip's truck starts up and drives away.

Payback sleeps in his hideout, until a wall explodes. He is attacked by Blackwell, but Michaels helps him escape on her motorcycle. Blackwell and Jessup chase them in their helicopters. Nails calls Blackwell and tells him to return to the bombing site because they detected a body heat scan. Blackwell fires missiles to clear the rubble, and the VIGIL agents find a corpse wearing the Punisher's shirt.

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