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Synopsis for "Suicide Run, Part 6: False Moves"

Jimmy Pierce, wearing a masked Punisher costume, attacks a mobile casino in the back of a semi-truck. Employees mention that it is run by Mr. Kaska. Pierce robs the casino and blows up the truck.

Dean Swaybrick appears on the Al Clooney Show wearing his own customized Punisher costume. They discuss his new book. Swaybrick says the Punisher was an inspirational hero, and he wants to start a law enforcement team in Punisher's memory.

Payback and Lynn Michaels have been captured and tied up by VIGIL. Agent Blackwell kicks over Lynn's chair and demands they tell him where to find the Punisher. Nails interrupts the interrogation.

Tommy "Peach" Cullen is on the phone with Kaska talking about the casino attack. He says he can get the Punisher to back off, and Kaska offers a cut of his gambling earnings. Pierce arrives to drop off the casino loot. Cullen says his next assignment is to attack a drug ring in Alphabet City.

Michaels wakes up and finds Blackwell has returned. He turns on the TV, then begins punching and kicking Payback.

Tess Clay reports from a street corner in Alphabet City and interviews Dean Swaybrick. His team and the police prepare to raid a crackhouse. Meanwhile, Pierce enters the building from the roof. Swaybrick's team tells him that sensors detect activity inside, then gunshots are heard. There is an explosion at the front of the building, and the television camera catches Pierce in his Punisher costume. He shoots at them and escapes. Swaybrick is angry that his spotlight has been stolen.

In a hallway, Agent Jessup tries to arrest Blackwell for assaulting Payback. Blackwell hits him, then runs back to the interrogation room. Lynn and Payback escape through a window. Blackwell finds the room empty, then shoots and kills Jessup. He pretends to be knocked out when Nails comes back with other agents. Nails blames Michaels and Payback for Jessup's murder, and orders Blackwell to find them.

In Laastekist, the Punisher is unconscious in a jail cell. The local police have faxed his fingerprints to Washington, DC.


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