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Synopsis for "Suicide Run, Part 9: Past the Point of Rescue"

Dean Swaybrick raids a building with his team. He accidentally shoots and kills a man, then says it feels great. His team catches Alfie Cullen. Swaybrick asks him about the Punisher working for the Cullen family. Alfie says they sent him to Laastekist, then he is killed by Swaybrick. Elliot tries to calm down Dean, so Swaybrick kills him too.

In Laastekist, Jimmy Pierce and his cousins shoot down Payback and Lynn Michaels. They continue on when they think the two are dead. However, Payback revives and Michaels is only unconscious. Sheriff Bendix walks by carrying Amy, and tells Payback the doctor lives a couple blocks away.

Bendix brings Amy to the police station. He receives a call from FBI Agent Carson. The authorities have decided to let the criminals and vigilantes fight it out in the town. Nails tells Carson that the media is on the way.

Outlaw gets in a fight with a motorcycle gang.

Outside Amy's playhouse, Blackwell attacks Sheriff Bendix. He then goes to the doctor's house and kicks open the door. Blackwell physically threatens the doctor and asks where Payback is. The doctor does not tell him that Payback is in the next room with Michaels.

Swaybrick's team shoots Pierce's cousins. Pierce tells them he is unarmed, but Swaybrick still wants to kill him. Swaybrick turns around to see his team is running away. When he turns back, Pierce shoots him in the head. Blackwell then shoots Pierce in the back, thinking he is Frank Castle. The real Punisher attacks Blackwell from behind and beats him with a nightstick. He then finds that they are surrounded by the motorcycle gang.


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