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Tombstone confronts and kills a Geraci boss named Vinnie. At the Geraci family estate outside of the city, Frank Castle ponders his place in things, saying he wants to use his new position as capo to make the family legitimate. Leslie Geraci says you can’t save people who don’t want to be saved, and kisses him, as Jigsaw, disguised as the Punisher, lurks in the shadows.

Elsewhere, another assassin, Hachiman, kills a second Geraci boss. Firefox kills a third.

Inside, the eldery Geraci don tells Castle he hired Bullseye himself to fake an assassination attempt, to ensure Frank would take over the family. Frank says he had already sussed that out. But Frank doesn’t expect his next revelation: that he himself intends to execute all the Geraci mob bosses that night, because he resents them for showing Frank the respect he feels only he himself deserved. Jigsaw then leads an attack on the whole Geraci estate, firing a rocket launcher into the front door. A second blast destroys the old man’s bedroom, killing him while Frank narrowly escapes, and begins to return fire. Punisher and Jigsaw trade fire as the entire mansion burns and collapses.

Jigsaw, Tombstone, Firefox and the others believe Punisher is dead in the collapse, but he climbs out after they leave, having holed up in a secure bolt hole. He reflects that his new family is now destroyed too, and it is time to return to his own accustomed war on criminals.

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