Quote1.png I am the Holy and I say enough! You two idiots had better start shaping up before the wrath of God descends! I'm not kidding! We've got to get this together! Because right now, if we ask the Punisher to join this little band, then our particular brand of justice will be over before it's begun! Quote2.png
-- The Holy

Appearing in "Any Which Way You Can"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Door (Destruction)
  • Cup of Coffee
  • Pizzas
  • Guns
  • The Holy's Axe
  • Desk (Destroyed)
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Copy of The Bridges of Madison County
  • Bag
  • Cigarette
  • Cellphone
  • Chair


  • Gnucci Family Car
  • Detective Martin Soap's Car

Synopsis for "Any Which Way You Can"

The Russian throws the Punisher through a door, when the Punisher gets up, he orders Dave and Joan to run before the Russian can hurt them. Next, the Russian throws Frank through a door of a room in which Bumpo is eating pizza. Frank picks up a pizza and throws it at the Russian's face, burning it, and disorienting him. Then, the Punisher knocks him down, pushes Bumpo on top of him. The Punisher and Bumpo are on top of the Russian for twenty minutes, so the vigilante suggests that they crush the criminal for ten more.

Meanwhile, at a church, the Elite and Mr. Payback are insulting each other based on their race and social status until the Holy silences them. The two want to start a vigilante campaign against criminals in the city. Meanwhile, the Punisher and Bumpo have killed the Russian after thirty minutes. Then, the Punisher leaves the apartment building, takes a Gnucci mobster's car, and drives away. Meanwhile, at the Gnucci Mansion, Ma Gnucci is laying on the floor, unable to move, and is expecting for the Russian to return with the Punisher's head. The Punisher drives by Martin Soap and Molly von Richthofen's car. The two detectives expects the Punisher to pursue the Gnucci Mob.

Back at the church, Mr. Payback suggests targeting banks and corporations, while the Elite suggests targeting drug dealers, while the Holy insists that they go after every kind of criminal and will kill them all. They also want the Punisher to join their new squad, which they dub the Vigilante Squad. At the Gnucci Mansion, the mobsters and a Gnucci are watching outside the window, waiting for the Russian to return, when Castle arrives with the Russian's head. The men guarding the mansion decide to desert their positions.

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