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Appearing in "In the Beginning, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "In the Beginning, Part 3"

Larry Barrucci visits the Cesare families last living Capo--Big Jackie--in the hospital, where he tells him he has invited Nicky Cavella into town to help with their Punisher problem. Angry, Jackie says to send Nicky and his crew home. After Larry leaves the hospital room, however, Ink and Pittsy enter and kill Jackie.

Meanwhile, in the hospital hallway, Nicky catches a news broadcast reporting that Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher has been captured by police. An eyewitness, Walter Krause, reports having seen him being placed into a van by someone appearing by SWAT. An unbelieving Nicky has Larry get in touch with his contacts in the police department to see if it's true.

In the penthouse, the Punisher is tied to a chair with chains in a dark room. Micro explains that he took him down with "stun rounds," and that he used seven in total on Castle when one should be enough. In the main room, O'Brien listens to Micro and Castle at the door (to hear Castle's voice) while Bethell sees the same news report the mobsters did. He assigns Roth to talk to the old man and convince him he shouldn't be talking to the press. Micro explains to Frank that they need to talk and that he has to "show results" with him quickly, then fans out pictures of his murdered family in front of him.

Larry's police contact has confirmed that they haven't picked up the Punisher. Reportedly, the group that does have him are acting in the name of Homeland Security.

Micro goes over his past with the Punisher, including working with him because him son was randomly murdered as well, and having walked away because he realized the cycle of crime would never end no matter what he, Castle, or anyone did. He says Castle kills because he "likes it," having gotten a taste for it in Vietnam when a "darkness" reached out to him and he "told it 'yes'". When Micro stops speaking, Castle tells him to put the pictures of his family away "or I guarantee you'll have to kill me." O'Brien, still listening, gets rattled and fixes a drink from the mini-bar.

Roth visits Mr. Krause in Sheepshead Bay, but before he can get inside to talk to him is dragged away by Nicky, Ink, and Pittsy. They decide to get information from Roth instead of Krause, promising him their going to "cut [his] balls off an' put 'em in a paper cup" if he doesn't cooperate.

In the penthouse, O'Brien attempts to warn Bethell that they are making a mistake with Frank Castle. Using a metaphor about zoo tigers never being truly tamed. He sends her to go check on Roth, who is late to check in, and she warns him that Frank Castle is "not to be f*cked with" as she leaves.

In the darkened room, Micro talks to Castle about how he doesn't believe he's insane, which is why he thinks he will listen to the deal he is offering. A deal that will allow him to leave The Punisher behind forever.

Solicit Synopsis

"In the Beginning," pt. 3 (of 6).

An old acquaintance -- with in-depth knowledge of Frank Castle's modus operandi -- is after the Punisher. And what he has in store for Frank cuts far deeper than mere revenge.


  • Ink's nickname is explained in this issue: the first guy he ever killed he killed by putting a pen through their eye and into their brain.
  • Micro's mention of Castle's time in Vietnam is a reference to the Born limited series.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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