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Appearing in "Barracuda, Part Three"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Previous Appearance of Horace Horace
  • Adolf Hitler (Mentioned)
  • Jesus (Invoked)
  • Navy Seals (Mentioned)
  • Green Berets (Mentioned)

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  • Barracuda

Synopsis for "Barracuda, Part Three"

Harry Ebbing calls Barracuda from his private jet, catching him in the airport, to let him know that the Punisher is on his way to Miami. Coincidently, as they're talking, the Punisher walks directly past him.

Think he won't need to rent a care for his stay, the Punisher hires a taxi to take him from the airport. During the ride he lets his attention wander to how he will handle Ebbing and fails to notice Barracuda following behind. Barracuda runs the taxi off the road, knocking Castle, who'd not wearing his seatbelt, unconscious.

On the beach, Dermot Leary is talking to Alice Ebbing on the phone. After some nervous chatter, Alice turns the conversation to their sexual exploits from the night before, which Leary doesn't want to discuss over the phone. She mocks his fear of her husband and goads him into getting explicit with her while inviting him to the bar she's in. Leary begins excitedly yelling details of what he plans to do with her later that night, and walks into the bar to find that she has him on speaker phone.

Coming-to in the dark, Frank Castle begins slicing through his binds with the Swiss Army knife he purchased at the airport and hid in his coat sleeve. When the trunk he's in opens, he throws a kick into his captors face, only to have Barracuda reply with a giant right hook when he crawls out. The two brawl, exchanging the upper hand, until Barracuda throws the Punisher through the wall of a shack. When he enters after him, he finds Castle wielding a hatchet, which he swings, slicing off the four fingers on Barracuda's right hand.

Back on the beach, Leary asks Alice if she knows she's a "f*cking bitch". She replies that she does, but asks him what if she was his. She tells him how Harry doesn't and never did have sex with her, and admits--wordlessly--that she only married him for money. When she presses him for his true feelings, Leary admits that he's tired of Harry's mood swings, and she tells him that she knows the combination to his safe.

The Punisher and Barracuda continue fighting, with Castle knocking the the "O" and "U" from "You" from Barracuda's "F*CK YOU" teeth, but Barracuda finally ravaging Castle with a plank of wood while telling him that he's "Got nowhere else [he's] gotta be."

In a penthouse with a beach view Ebbing and Leary discuss the coming shareholders meeting. Ebbing goes over his planned talk to the shareholders where he'll tell them there's a "top secret" plan in the works. Leary asks him about the "other thing" and Ebbing tells him that "the problem" followed them to Miami, but as of an hour ago it's been taken care of. When Leary asks how he knew the Punisher came to Miami, Si Stephens enters the room.

Barracuda has the Punisher and Horace tied up on his boat and tells them a story about the first time he saw a shark eat a man and an African tribal chief that cooked and ate enemies. He goes into specifics about how no one in his group--Green Berets and Navy SEALs all--would eat the "jambalaya" the chief prepared from his dead enemy, allowing him to joke about American's lack of "balls", and finishes his story saying that he ate it "because [he's] Barracuda." After his story, he grabs Horace and throws him into the water as "chum". When he notices the stubs of his fingers bleeding again he remarks that he has them on ice. The Punisher asks if he put them in bags first, lest they get nerve damage, and as he's throwing Castle into the water laughs that "the joke is on [him]."

Underwater, Castle is shocked that he's still conscious considering all the damage he's taken and figures brain damage is a certainty. With all the blood in the water, almost immediately, a shark appears.


  • Horace was last seen being shoved into Barracuda's trunk in issue #32. He can be briefly seen (and acknowledged) tied up in the shack Barracuda and the Punisher fight their way through.

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