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Quote1.png I knew if I didn't move I was a dead man. Baracuda'd find me in the morning, kill me if I hadn't died already. That's all right, I remember thinking. I'd just have to kick the shit out of him in Hell. Quote2.png
-- Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "Barracuda, Part 4"

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  • Barracuda

Synopsis for "Barracuda, Part 4"

Barracuda sings a sea shanty while watching sharks circle around the Punisher and Horace. The Punisher, while recalling information heard during Shark Week, begins undoing his bindings and swimming to the surface. Horace, less lucky, has his legs bitten off. When Barracuda sees Castle surface he fires a shotgun at him, claiming he's "breaking the rules." Back underwater the Punisher spots Horace still living with his one good eye and decides to pull him to the surface, which amuses Barracuda.

In the penthouse, Dermot Leary is in disbelief that Harry Ebbing has allowed would-be turncoat Si Stephens back into the Dynaco fold. Ebbing cites the sexual assault at the hands of Leary's drug dealer as a suitable punishment, and when Stephens is allowed to speak on the matter he begins crying and apologizes for everything, saying he now realizes that he should have come to Ebbing first like he always said. After repeated apologies Ebbing agrees to set Stephens up with a room and clean clothes, upsetting Leary further. The two step away to argue the point, with Ebbing saying Stephens and Leary share the blame since neither came to him when they had a problem. Leary explodes, swearin, and Ebbing immediately slaps him warning him not to "dare talk to [him] like that" and insulting him.

In the water, the Punisher is trying to calm Horace, making him stay still because the shark's vision is tuned to movement. Horace begs the Punisher to save him, offering him money if he survives and when asked, he tells Castle the money comes from cocaine. As the shark comes closer Castle introduces himself as the Punisher, then throws Horace's legless body into the sharks mouth and swims away, making it appear to Barracuda that it ate them both.

Stephens and Leary meet Ebbing at an outdoor cafe, where he tells them how he met Barracuda. He tells them that, twenty years ago, when he was in a California prison for insider trading he contracted the "most notorious inmate" available for protection from two men. Shortly afterward both men were found with the other ones testicles sewn into their eye sockets, and their eyes were never found. Something they survived. Ebbing and Barracuda kept in contact ever since.

On the water, Castle hangs on to a tire on the side of Barracuda's boat as he pilots it to shore singing more see shanties.

When Barracuda arrives at the cafe Stephens reads his teeth as "F*cky," changing his mood from jovial to angry and Ebbing quickly dismisses him from the meeting. Discussing the Punisher, Ebbing doubles the pre-agreed upon fee for the difficulty of the job. That decided, Barracuda wonders what Ebbing would like him to do next.

The Punisher, beaten and broken, drags himself onto the dock after an hours work. Spitting up blood and with a stomach full of seawater his mind is on revenge as he passes out on the spot.

Leary and Alice Ebbing are having sex in a bathtub. He tells her that he doesn't know what Barracuda's next assignment is, that's when Harry told him to "take a walk," and so walked up to have sex with his wife. Still upset about Stephens being allowed back into the fold, he agrees to do "what they talked about." As they leave the bathroom, Barracuda is revealed to be hidden behind the door.


  • "Censored" on the cover in Barracuda's smile is the word "F*ck" written on his teeth, the word "You" having had the "ou" knocked out by this point in the story and being covered by his tongue anyway.


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