Quote1 I helped myself to everything. Knew he wouldn't have any objection. By the time I was through with him, the fu@&er wouldn't have a head. Quote2
-- Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "Barracuda, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Barracuda, Part 5"

Barracuda, wielding a machete, makes his presence known, scaring Alice Ebbing and Dermot Leary. Caught in their affair, Alice promises to do "anything" to spare their lives, a proposition Barracuda agrees to listen to over pancakes.

Meanwhile, the Punisher wakes up on the dock.

Barracuda tells Alice that her husband Harry is paying him to follow her, wondering where she's going at night. Leary asks if he's going to report back what he's found, but Barracuda decides he's more curious about the plan he heard them discussing while he was hidden. He tells them since he's not "loyal" to Harry, he'll hear them out, and depending on if he likes the plan or not he'll decide what to tell him. After Leary stammers attempting to explain the plan, Alice explains Dynaco's plan to blackout Florida to raise stock prices. She adds that they're going to get Harry busted by leaking personal documents and notes in his handwriting, after which Leary will take his place. The "what" and "how" explained, she tells him that they're going to put the plan in to effect during that nights shareholders pleasure cruise--for which Harry will be making a grand entrance by helicopter--sending the package to the press when Harry is alone but before he leaves. Having heard the plan, Barracuda decides he's going to finish his pancakes before he goes to have his talk with Harry.

The Punisher has made his way to Barracuda's shack, which with all the weapons and equipment, looks remarkably like his own lair. He patches himself up and helps himself to food, equipment and clothes, taking time to toss Barracuda's severed fingers to the seagulls when he finds them in the freezer.

At the cafe, Barracuda tells Harry that he followed Alice overnight, but she turned every guy who approached her down. That shocks Harry, who has photos of her with a litany of men from their time in Manhattan. When asked, he says he has her followed "in case [he] decides to seek retribution against any of the men she betrays [him] with", which he frequently does. He doesn't tell her about it, though, because he just wants her to be happy and he knows he could never satisfy he sexually. At that he invites Barracuda to come along on the shareholders pleasure cruise to keep an eye on her, giving him the boats name (Evelyn) and departure time (4:00). The Punisher, listening at the next table, pays for his meal and departs.

Elsewhere, Si Stephens walks in on Alice and Leary having sex in a public bathroom. When he attempts to run from the room and call Harry Alice jumps on his back scratching his face. Leary, who'd tripped on his pants, finally gets up and begins beating Stephens. He begins choking him, while yelling at him about being a "victim," and chokes him to death. When he doesn't know what to do, Alice suggest calling Barracuda.

Barracuda shows up and tells Leary it's nothing he can't fix. While throwing Stephens' body out the window onto a trash pile he questions Leary about sex with Alice, making him uncomfortable, even more so after he opens up about her sexual openness and Barracuda tells him that women he's known that have let him "do anything" to them he's grown to despise when there's nothing left to do.

Later, on the pleasure cruise, Leary gives a rousing speech to the stockholders explaining Harry's absence. From above, Barracuda and Alice talk about how "smooth" he is and Harry's wisdom in keeping his own people around. Leary and Alice discuss Barracuda when he leaves, with her saying he's "the most dangerous man that either of [them] are ever likely to meet" and saying that they have to kill him.

Meanwhile, the Punisher SCUBAs from the Evelyn to the Barracuda and begins to follow, his head still pounding and his body still aching.

Harry, reading a newspaper in his office, is alerted that the press are outside and would like to talk to him. Since he has thirty-five minutes until his helicopter departs he decides to talk to them to "fly the Dynaco flag".


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