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Quote1.png What's the only thing more dangerous than a Barracuda? Quote2.png
Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "Barracuda, Part 6"

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  • Evelyn
  • Barracuda

Synopsis for "Barracuda, Part 6"

Harry Ebbing literally runs from the press as they try to ask him questions concerning Dynaco's plan to purposely blackout parts of Florida to raise the companies stock, getting to his helicopter and offering the pilot twice his pay to take off immediately.

On The Evelyn, the Dynaco shareholders see all off this happening on a live news broadcast and begin demanding Harry's "right hand man" Dermot Leary show himself and give them answers.

Leary is busy attacking Barracuda with a metal pipe, who is distracted by Alice Ebbing who drew him into an engine room where she began giving him oral sex. Leary's attack misses, but Alice causes Barracuda pain at just the right time allowing Leary to lay into the back of his head with a number of blows, knocking him unconscious. Alice and Leary drop Barracuda's body into the water together, arguing about her choice of distraction the whole time. After she questions Leary's "balls", he drags her into the engine room by her hair saying "You want balls, I'll f_cking show you balls".

Underwater, Barracuda's eyes open.

Leary's phone starts to vibrate while they're having sex and Alice answers a call from Harry. When he asks why she's answering Leary's phone, she not only tells him "he's f_cking me" but puts the phone into a position where he can hear. After she hangs up, Ebbing sits in shock, then steps from the flying helicopter. Meanwhile, Dermot notices six blocks of C-4 and a detonator strapped to the engine casing.

Moments later, and with his clothes changed, Leary attempts to calm the shareholders by telling them he had no idea about "Harry's plan" and that Dynaco will survive this. The boat captain, one of Harry's security men, informs Alice that the C-4 was "good work done in a hurry" explaining it poor concealment, and it has been disarmed.

As Leary wraps up his speech to the shareholders a second charge explodes. The Punisher had set a magnetic one on the hull that would result in a "big bang, small hole". As he stands in the cabin of The Barracuda contemplating how this isn't his usual M.O. he pulls a tooth from his jaw.

He contacts The Evelyn looking for Harry Ebbing, unaware he never made it aboard, and gets Leary who wants to know what he wants. The Punisher demands he get Harry and Barracuda, then Dynaco contact the FBI and turn themselves in. Leary fires back that Harry is no longer an officer at Dynaco, and they are no longer culpable for anything he may have done. He further claims that he doesn't know what Barracuda is supposed to mean and then challenges the Punisher's position to make demands on them. When Castle says he can sink them at any time, Leary informs him that they've found and neutralized the C-4 from the engine room, then calls him a "f_cking idiot." He continues, scolding Castle about Dynaco being a corporate institution, not a tangible enemy you can fight and fire bullets at. He asks him if anyone would have really cared if they blacked out Florida so long as they did it quietly and their people got a return on their investment. After Leary proclaims they'll still do it in another state and suggests Castle "go kill some n_gger drug dealers", Barracuda shows himself on the back of the boat and yells that the charge is again live, telling him to "waste the muthaf_cka!"

The Punisher does just that, piloting his boat away from the massive explosion then watching as the people are eaten by sharks. Leary coldly swims away from Alice as a shark bites her in half only to take a shotgun blast from Castle for being a "strong swimmer". Barracuda begins climbing over the side of his own boat, directly into the barrel of a shotgun. Though he tries to reason with Castle, he takes a shotgun blast and a shark is seen swimming alongside the boat.

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