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Quote1.png In his heart, he knew it was wrong. But it was what he wanted. So he went ahead and did it, and hoped everything would work out all right. That's why he deserved to be punished. Quote2.png
Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "In the Beginning, Part 4"

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)




Synopsis for "In the Beginning, Part 4"

Micro is offering The Punisher the chance to stop going after local "small fries" and "hunt" the likes of Osama bin Laden with full backing and support of the United States government.

In Sheepshead Bay, Larry Barrucci has to pull the car he's driving Nicky Cavella, Ink, and Pittsy in over to vomit as the mobsters discuss the information on The Punisher's whereabouts they've extracted from William Roth. Nicky mentions they'll have to toughen him up when he vomits once more at the very mention of "balls."

Micro tells Castle that Bethell and his crew are CIA charged with assassinations, but don't have the funding or legal room to recruit standard operatives. If Castle agrees to join a press release will go out stating that he committed suicide in custody, and he will have no official contacts other than Micro to give him his target. Castle chooses not to accept.

Downstairs in the Hotel Claude, Nicky sends Ink to sabotage the service elevator.

Castle explains that he refuses to work for "the people who run the world" because it gets you stabbed in the back. He refuses to go to war so someone can sell M16s.

Kathryn O'Brien arrives at Walter Krause's apartment and shows him a picture of Roth. As he's telling her about the mobsters taking him away, Roth stumbles up the hall clutching his bleeding crotch in one hand and holding a paper cup in the other. O'Brien calls a warning in to Bethell, who tells her to get rid of the hurt Roth and get back to the penthouse, then orders Alpha Team in the basement scrambled. Ink, having heard the soldiers loading into the elevator, warns Nicky that he may not be able to sabotage it in time, but is able clip the last wire and sends it (full) 47 floors to the basement killing the Alpha Team.

Castle tells Micro about Bob Garrett, the man who lived next door to the Castle family when the massacre happened. A while after, Garrett paid Frank a visit, during which he told him he was splitting up with his wife because he met someone else. Frank compares their situations; "I lost my wife. And you threw yours away like she was nothing." then tells him "Run." When a confused Garrett doesn't move, an enraged Frank brutally assaults him, throwing him through a window and finally being restrained by five men. Micro questions why Frank is telling him such a story, and Frank replies by asking where Bethell's funding comes from.

At the same time, the mobsters knock on the penthouse door, with Pitts shotgunning the woman who answers in the face. Frank continues to ask where the funding comes from despite the explosions on the other side of the door. Nicky Cavella shoot Bethell in both knees and Pitts kicks open the door Castle and Micro are behind, holding the shotgun on Micro.

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