Quote1.png There are times I'd like to get my hands on God. Quote2.png
-- Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "Widowmaker, Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Widowmaker, Part Two"

This issue starts out with The Punisher taking down a child pornography ring. It then shifts to Detective Budiansky and him killing a child who had started shooting his classmates. The last part shows the Five Wives eating dinner and get the guns they'll need to fight Castle.


  • The textless version of the cover seen above outright states Punisher was born on February 16, 1950. However, when the book was published, the birthdate was blacked out. Punisher: The Tyger however confirms that Punisher was born in 1950, as Castle in the story says in his narration, "1960. I was ten."
  • Despite the confirmation of Castle's birth year, Punishermax Vol 1 22 provides Castle's birth year as 1947 instead.

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