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Quote1.png Don't think you can change anything, redeem anything. Don't think the past means shit to me. Run. Quote2.png
Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "In the Beginning, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "In the Beginning, Part 5"

Nicky Cavella shoots Micro in the shoulder and puts his gun to the Punisher's forehead. As he begins to squeeze the trigger, Castle shifts and bites Cavella's fingers, sending the shot into the wall and causing Nicky to back into Pitts and Ink. Just then Kathryn O'Brien bursts into the penthouse firing an Uzi, hitting Ink multiple times in the chest and Pitts in the shoulder.

While Nicky attempts to marshal the O'Brien situation, Micro crawls towards Castle to unlock him. Ink reveals a grenade, from which he pulls the pin and walks towards O'Brien, who shoots him in the chest again. Utilizing the distraction, Nicky is finally able to put O'Brien down with shots to her chest. The grenade explodes, sending Pitts flying, and at the same time Micro frees Castle.

Newly freed, the Punisher grabs Nicky and slams his forehead into Pitts' nose. Pitts and Punisher brawl, with Micro attempting to get a shot on Pitts. When no clear shot resolves, Castle orders him to take the one he has, which hits Pitts despite putting some shot into Castle's arm.

Worried that the police are coming, Cavella, Pitts, and Larry Barrucci flee the scene. The Punisher does the same, taking Micro, who leads him to a storage warehouse he'd set up in 1996, with him.

In the penthouse, Bethell assures the responding police officers that the blood soaked and exploded suite is not a crime scene because of their Homeland Security status. O'Brien "quits" as paramedics roll her out of the room, and Bethell notes she'll be thrown back in prison. He then makes a call to activate the bug inside Micro's cellphone and have a gunship meet him at La Guardia.

In the warehouse, Micro has agreed to tell Frank about Bethell's funding. He informs him that Bethell imports heroin from Afghanistan, bringing it in in the body bags of dead soldiers, and has police department contacts sell it. Castle accuses Micro of joining the enemy, saying their situations are different because people he takes money from he kills. Micro asks why he told him about Bob Garrett, the man he beat half to death, and Frank says he missed part of the story, the part where he told him to run because he knew what he was about to do to him.

Frank takes Micro's cellphone and calls the Barrucci home, having recognized him from the penthouse and gives them the address where he is so they can "come and find" him. When he uncovers the bug in the phone, Micro claims to not have known about it. Warning that they'll be on their way already, Frank replies that that "works for [him]," then tells Micro to "Run."

Micro doesn't want to leave Frank to go to war with the CIA on his own. Frank tells him again to run, and when he says no, replies "On your own head be it."

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