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Quote1.png Maybe I should've done three tours in-country. Might've opened my eyes a hell of a lot sooner. But I was...saving the f*cking world, or something... Quote2.png
Col. Nick Fury

Appearing in "Valley Forge, Valley Forge: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Valley Forge, Valley Forge: Part 1"

Frank Castle meets Colonel Nick Fury at a bar, finding him in his regular cynical state. Fury digress to Castle over America's current war in the Middle East and seeing it as utter meaningless. He then gives Castle an envelope containing the profiles on the generals who had organized Operation Barbarossa in retrieving the biological virus in Russia and previously hired Barracuda to kill Castle in order to silence him and retrieve William Rawlins's videotape confession - all containing the Generals' involvement in the Russian operation that also mentioned about the attempted terrorist attack on Moscow. Fury acknowledges Castle for his intentions to kill the Generals. Before Castle left, Fury inquire him of a new book (Valley Forge, Valley Forge) based on the Vietnam War and the Punisher himself.

Elsewhere, the generals are playing golf while discussing the matter of their discovery of Barracuda's death, the Rawlins tape, and the Punisher's intent on killing them. They gravely realize there is no way in trying to convince or bribe Castle, nor could they rely on help from the military establishment without divulging their nefarious crimes that even in the inner circles would likely refuse to aid them due to worry their prior dealings with them. And as an add to insult, none of the generals had ever been in actual conflict since the Vietnam War. General Kurt Perino and Jake plot a way to rid the Punisher for good: American soldiers. Specifically a small Delta Force unit which the Punisher will not kill them. This idea is met with hesitations from the other generals in which Perino assures them that he knows someone to be likely to volunteer for this mission.

Perino chose Colonel George Howe of Delta Force. Howe is met by Perino's Lieutenant Geller. The two establish a friendly relationship in which Howe then reveals the reasons why he chose to be involve in dealing with the Punisher. Howe was the father-in-law of Martin Vanheim, the man who was involved in Operation Barbarossa and his death was directly caused by the Punisher. Although, Howe didn't know the exact details of Barbarossa but only knew the leading participants and wasn't entirely sure if the Punisher caused Vanheim's death. Howe tells to Geller that this isn't a personal reason he had against the Punisher, but he sees the Punisher - a former soldier - a stain and a disgrace to the reputation of the military for using his skills in Special Forces to murder thousands. Deciding that he is still considered the Punisher is "one of ours" and that he is needed to be arrested and put on trial for his crimes. After hearing this, Geller informs Howe about the Rawlins tape that is needed to be procure once capturing the Punisher. Howe agreed to Geller's request and arrange the lieutenant in meeting his men.

Meanwhile, Castle posted up the photos of the generals and laying their specific profiles on his table.

Valley Forge, Valley Forge

In Valley Forge, Valley Forge: The Slaughter of a U.S. Marine Garrison and the Birth of the Punisher, its author Michael Goodwin tells the events that led to final hours of Firebase Valley Forge during the Vietnam War which saw the deaths of nearly every personnel on the base - including Goodwin's brother Stevie - save for one: Captain Frank Castle.

Goodwin describes in his book his reasons for writing the book was initially in response to his brother's death; the misery state of Valley Forge; and the arrival of Frank Castle whom Stevie Goodwin relied on him for his survival.

Solicit Synopsis

Thirty-five years ago, the Fifth Cavalry disgorged their troops on an isolated Vietnamese hilltop and was met by a scene of utter devastation. The final body count ran to well over seven-hundred -- almost 200 hundred of them American soldiers. Standing alone amidst the carnage, a sole survivor: Captain Frank Castle, who years later would be known as the most fearsome vigilante to walk the Earth: The Punisher. Now the Punisher is about to face his stiffest test: He’s hunted big game in his day, but none as big as this. Five men with unlimited resources. Men who’d put anything between themselves and the Punisher’s bullet. Men who know exactly who he is…and how to fight him.


  • The general's mention of a previously smear campaign against the Punisher by the NYPD "a year or two ago" for falsely injuring two police officers is a reference to the events of "The Slavers".


  • "Valley Forge, Valley Forge" is a sequel to "Mother Russia", "Man of Stone", "Long Cold Dark", and as well a loose spin-off of Garth Ennis's "Born".

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