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Quote1.png Anyone not wanting to die for Ireland...better clear on out the back. Quote2.png
Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "Kitchen Irish, Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Kitchen Irish, Part Two"

Yorkie Mitchell and his young partner Andy Lorimer sit at a diner near the exploded Kerry Castle bar discussing America until the Punisher shows up, whom Mitchell addresses as Frank.

Elsewhere, Napper French is pleading with Maginty not to make him cut up a living person, telling him it's hard enough when they're dead, all the while speaking in code so his grandson Billy doesn't realize what they're discussing. He finally relents, so long as the boy is kept away from the violence, and after he's taken away French is introduced to a tied up Tommy Toner and told him to start with his left hand.

On the Hudson River, a gang of three small boats swarm on a yacht. The boat occupants climb aboard the yacht and brandishing guns and knives take the it's pilot hostage. Identifying themselves as "The River Rats" they go below deck, telling the occupants they watch the waters and have seen them go on trips every weekend. They rob the people on the boat for their valuables and leave, deciding on the way out that the cops will be watching the waters after this so they should use the time to "look into this other thing."

In the diner, Mitchell tells the Punisher that he's on MI6 business, without US Government approval, looking for Finn Cooley. He runs down Cooley's background, including imprisonment for murder and a bomb he'd planted outside a Belfast police station exploding in his face, disfiguring him. After that he connects him to Michael Morrison, whom Castle knowns as doing extensive work with the Russian mob. He explains that Finn now claims membership in the Continuity Irish Republican Army and likely is using Morrison as an American fund raiser for the group. Now Mitchell is in America to put an end to Finn, even though the US Government won't sanction an assassination, and so he decided to call in Castle to help him.

On the river, Danni is celebrating the River Rats latest score when she's ordered to calm down by Polly, who in turn is told to relax by Eamon. When another member suggests to Eamon that Polly is jealous of Eamon and Danni's relationship, Eamon pushes him out of the boat for suggesting it since Polly is his sister and would have nothing to be jealous about.

In the diner, Mitchell tells Castle that Lorimer is not an official part of his operation, but was brought along as a favor to his father. Lorimer shows him a picture of Peter Cooley and explains that it's the man who shot his father to death in Ireland. The Punisher relates to wanting that level of revenge, and tells Mitchell to make sure this is a "one-off" as he leaves.

Meanwhile, Maginty calls a delivery company to schedule a package's pickup for a same-day delivery. After listening to him complain about the price, his thugs call him cheap and suggest he take the package himself. Maginty reacts violently, saying that the Westies known him and that the point is to scare them when they open this and subsequent packages containing parts of Tommy Toners body.

At another bar, O'Malley's, Finn and Peter Cooley and Michael Morrison sit in a booth discussion the the Irish, Irish-Americans, and the IRA. Finn mentions being "sick of the whole thing," which Peter questions, but their discussion is interrupted by a bar patron raising a toast to Finn. As people are raising their glasses, the Punisher walks in bearing a shotgun and telling anyone who doesn't want "to die for Ireland" to leave through the back.


  • O'Malley's, the bar in this issue, is the same place the Punisher was depicted on the cover of the last issue.


  • PedEf, the shipping company Maginty uses, is an obvious allusion to FedEx.

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