Quote1 I've news for you: all I did was pull the bandages off. You screamed your head off and passed out straightaway. That was two hours ago. Tell us everything. Quote2
-- Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "Kitchen Irish, Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Kitchen Irish, Part Three"

People flood out the back of O'Malley's bar, unaware that Yorkie Mitchell and Andy Lorimer are watching them from behind trashcans. Mitchell reminds Lorimer that they're supposed to take a prisoner, even if it's the guy who shot his father.

Inside, the Punisher holds his shotgun on Peter and Finn Cooley and Michael Morrison. Before he can ask them any questions the River Rats walk into the front door, distracting him, and he shoots Danni in the head. Morrison and the Cooleys run as the River Rats continue into the bar, returning fire.

Mitchell and Lorimer shoot low at the fleeing Cooley and Morrison, hitting Peter and sending the other two back into the bars storeroom. There they find a hostage whom they use to secure their escape, leaving Peter to his fate.

At Polly's word, the River Rats begin a pull out of the bar, losing members to a Punisher tossed grenade as they go. The survivors regroup near the docks, where Polly realizes that if Finn Cooley is in town the thing about Nesbitt's money must be real and calls some cousins to fill out the River Rat ranks to help them get it.

In the Punisher's base, Mitchell lets the tied up Peter Cooley know that he's aware of his identity and crimes. Cooley promises he won't "scream" for a Brit who says he'll turn him over to the Punisher; who wants answers about why the Kerry Castle was bombed, or Lorimer; whose father he killed.

Elsewhere, Finn has covered his scarred face in tape and asks Morrison who, exactly, that was in the bar. He tells him about the Punisher and mentions the British "hit squad" and suggests dropping the entire operation, angering Finn who just "threw [his] nephew to the wolves." Finn goes on a loud rant about him having been someone's "n_gger" his entire life, causing a group of African-Americans to crowd around them.

At the Punisher's lair, Peter continues to say he won't betray Finn Cooley. Mitchell mocks his dedication, since Finn left him to be captured, and after pointing out that Peter has never once been arrested or interrogated like his Uncle Finn asks him if he's sure he wants to go through with this. With that he turns him over to the Punisher who, brandishing a butterfly knife, walks towards him ostensibly to remove two bullets from his leg. Mitchell and Lorimer leave him to it, with Lorimer having second thoughts about leaving Cooley to be tortured by the Punisher. Mitchell tells him that the least he can do for his father, who saved his life twice, is give his son a shot at his murderer then dismisses him to get some fresh air instead of listen to Cooley scream.

The Westies take a PedEf box to Brenda Toner, who identifies the hand as belonging to her husband Tommy. She figures that it's Maginty that sent the hand and, grabbing a gun from a cabinet, says to call everyone around so they can go after Nesbitt's $10million which Maginty is trying to scare them off of.

In Hell's Kitchen, Maginty is preparing another package. Napper French asks him if he's done enough yet, and is told no. Before Maginty leaves he takes a long look at French's grandson Billy, asleep chained to a radiator.

In the Punisher's lair, Peter Cooley finally breaks and tells all about the $10000000 dollars. According to Peter, Finn is going to use the money to buy weapons for "the struggles". He tells the names of the players seeking it, all of which Castle recognizes except for Maginty, and admits to having placed the bomb in the bar to take everyone out at once. When he can't provide Finn's current location, the Punisher tells him that unless he can handle some real pain he'd better give up some information because he passed out at just the removal of his bandages earlier.

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