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Quote1.png Turn on each other. Turn on your families. Turn on your god. But never again turn on me. Quote2.png
The Hood

Appearing in "Dead End, Part One"

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Synopsis for "Dead End, Part One"

The Punisher infiltrates and destroys an Osborn Textiles building serving as a cover for a weapons facility. The morning after, he and Henry Russo plan their next move and Henry begins to realize that Frank is keeping him at arm’s length because he expects Henry to die during their work together.

Meanwhile, The Hood lays out the state of affairs for the newly resurrected victims of Scourge of the Underworld. He explains that things have changed since they were all murdered - the bad guys are in charge and stronger than ever. He then tells them they were all brought back to life because he needs them to kill Frank Castle. They should all want the same thing, he says, because Frank is also their killer, Scourge. And if revenge isn’t enough of a motivator, the resurrection spell lasts just 30 days, and The Hood will only extend it if they bring him Castle’s head.

The group of criminals splits off into factions, each trying to figure out the best way to kill Frank Castle. Basilisk and Death Adder leave on their own, telling the others they won’t need anyone else’s help. Sometime later, G.W. Bridge comes home to find his wife murdered and his son tied up at the hands of Basilisk and Death Adder. Basilisk tells Bridge they’re looking for The Punisher.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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