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Bolt is being interviewed by Detective Seever once again, during which he comes clean about the Punisher's involvement in the shootout at the Cloisters and that he's been passing him information, his reasoning for telling the truth being that he doesn't want to lie anymore and that the Punisher was also involved in the events of last night, for which he is being interviewed.

At the time, he was on a date with Carlie Cooper, a woman in forensics, when he was approached by the Punisher inside the Coffee Bean on Times Square looking for information on Rachel Cole-Alves and her whereabouts. Suddenly, a man ran in and was attacked by a zombie. After Frank put it down, he ordered Bolt to watch his back. Outside, Frank shot his way through a horde of zombies under the command of Black Talon. While Frank was able to dispatch the zombies with ease, Bolt's poor aim made him less than useful, and it was only after firing every bullet in his gun that he was able to take out a zombie. Meanwhile, Black Talon lunged towards the Punisher, but while he made a long and rambling speech, Frank shot him down. With the threat neutralized, Bolt checked on Carlie, who hid inside the Coffee Bean, and looked for Frank, but he had since left the scene.

At the end of the interview, Detective Seever takes Bolt's badge and warns him about the police department filing charges against him for lying. Seever joins the group of people on the other side of the interrogation room and tells them that the witness statements are too incoherent to determine the truth, but a couple witnesses recognized Bolt from the newspapers after the Cloisters incident. The Deputy Commissioner of Public Information decides to delete the video of Bolt's testimony, believing that his reputation as a hero could be good for the department. Reluctantly, Seever gives Bolt his badge.

Solicit Synopsis

• After making the streets run red in “the Omega Effect” with Spider-Man and Daredevil… • Frank Castle speaks. And Rachel Cole is not going to like what she hears.

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