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Synopsis for 1st story

Frank and Rachel prep for a 60s-themed technology auction where they plan to gather intel and steal something. While Frank removes an I.F.F. chip from a man's arm, he reminds Cole not to engage Stephanie Gerard if she's there as well.

Gerard attends the auction, being held on the yacht The Leader of the Pack, and is scanned by security personnel to confirm her identity. Frank and Rachel arrive on a helicopter and are scanned as well. Thanks to the I.F.F. chip, Frank is identified as Curtiss Jackson, the Power-Broker. However, since his face does not match, security decides to keep an eye on him. Aware that they are being watched, Frank splits off with Rachel to take care of it. Exiting onto the pool deck, he is approached by David Gomez, a former member of the Raiders, who tricks him into revealing that he is an imposter.

Inside the yacht, Rachel is looking at some of the items up for auction when she is approached by a man dressed as Dean Martin, who comes on to her and offers to show her around the ship. Meanwhile, Frank is being roughed up by Gomez, but refuses to tell him who he is. Soon after, since he owns the ship, the man takes Rachel to the engine room. As they are about to kiss, Rachel stabs him through the neck with her high heel and places C4 on the engines.

Frank continues to take a beating until he reveals that he has been distracting them. Just then, an explosion occurs in the engine room, which has caused the ship to take on water. While Gomez is distracted Frank knocks him to the ground and kills him. In the chaos, Rachel finds Frank, frees him from his handcuffs, and takes him to what they are looking for.

Along the way, they run into Gerard. Rachel tries to shoot her, but the crowd gets in her way and she eventually escapes. Frank reminds her of their mission and promises her she'll have another chance. As the ship sinks, Frank and Rachel escape with an adamantium casing of one of Dr. Octopus' tentacles.

Solicit Synopsis

• Fight or Flight continues!

• A friend switches sides.

• Cole becomes the hunted!


  • The tech auction is held on the yacht The Leader of the Pack, named after a song by the girl group The Shangri-Las.

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