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Quote1.png ...You killed her, Frank. She never looked at me twice until today, but I loved her, and you killed her...And when you did that, you killed me, too. So we'll all die together. You and me and the missus...All of us like the bastards we are... Quote2.png
Christian Poulsen

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Synopsis for 1st story

Poulsen has witnessed the death of his beloved Stephanie and is overcome with grief. As for Rachel and the Punisher, their only exit is through the front, meaning they must pass through four floors operated by the Exchange. Rachel puts on her bulletproof vest with the Punisher's skull insignia on it. However, Poulsen has no intentions of letting them leave and dials 911.

Meanwhile, on the streets of New York, as Detective Clemons tells Bolt his suspicions that Norah Winters has had contact with Rachel Cole, Clemons gets a call regarding Poulsen's 911 call.

Poulsen arms himself with a gun and runs into the hallway and tosses grenade at Rachel and the Punisher. Frank kicks it back, causing an explosion that allows Poulsen to escape through the elevator. After Poulsen reaches the bottom, he shoots at the crowd indiscriminately, killing everyone around him with his gun and a another grenade. Knowing that the elevator would be the worst route to take, Frank drops a rope down the stairwell for Rachel and himself to go down.

Clemons and Bolt arrive on the scene to a crazed mob of people. The call they recieved said that the Punisher is rampaging through the building, but Clemons finds it suspicious that he would attack in the middle of the day in a public area. In the chaos, two cops are gunned down, further proving him correct since the Punisher doesn't kill cops. But when he is told that the offices inside are mostly white-collar businesses, Clemons starts to believe the Exchange is involved. The violence draws in the press, including Norah Winters.

After reaching the bottom floor, Frank tells her that they have to leave the building, even though Rachel wants to kill Poulsen. Frank want to as well, but he wants her to be patient and stick to the plan.

Poulsen reaches the lobby and throws a grenade at a man attempting to run to safety outside. Bolt decides it's time to go in and leads a group of cops, including Clemons, into the building. As they head in, the press reports that the Punisher is the killer.

Frank and Rachel confront Poulsen in the lobby and put their gas masks on, aware that the police are coming in to kill them. The police fill the room with tear gas and enter. Poulsen, unable to see, shoots wildly in the room. Frank moves towards two cops, while Rachel has her gun pointed at a shrouded figure, who points his gun at her as well. The Punisher moves towards Poulsen and shoots him several times in the chest, while Rachel shoots at her target.

Clemons notices two cops lying on the ground without their gear. Rachel removes her target's gas mask and discovers that she has shot and killed Bolt. Though she is horrified by what she has done, Frank is calm when he gives her a set of cop gear for them to wear as they sneak out, leaving their Punisher vests behind.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Punisher vs. the NYPD. Nobody wins.

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