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Liam, the man the Punisher left alive, searches for a place to hide but no one will take him, knowing that he is being followed by the Punisher. Because of this, Stephanie and Christian, the people he works for, plan to get rid of him. In the streets, they meet with a shadowy figure with talons and offer him money in exchange for killing someone.

The next morning in Brooklyn, Clemons and Bolt are at the bar where the Punisher killed the members of the Exchange and quickly deduce that it was him. Norah Winters enters the crime scene hoping to get a quote from Clemons. He ushers her off the premises since she is not allowed in. Once outside, she asks Clemons if this is the start of a gang war but he refuses to comment on it as it is an ongoing investigation. Then, Clemons says that Norah is worried that Ben Urich keeps sticking her on camera instead of doing real journalism because she is pretty. At the same time, Bolt gets off the phone with St. Vincent's Hospital and tells Clemons that Rachel Cole has regained consciousness. As they leave, Norah is still hung up on what he said to her, so he tells her that she should cut her hair short so that Urich will find someone else to put on camera.

At the South Bronx, Liam is looking to lie low at a brothel, but he is kicked out by Shark, the man running it, who knows that he's been marked by the Punisher. Soon after, the Punisher goes in and kills Shark and the others running it, including the woman who drugged the prostitutes so that they could control them.

At Saint Vincent's, the doctor tells Clemons and Bolt that Rachel is still groggy and disoriented. They enter her room and ask her if she can remember what happened. She slowly pieces together her memory of two groups of armed men shooting at each other, but when she asks where her husband and family are, she realizes that they were killed in the shooting. Heartbroken, she has to be held down by Clemons so the doctor can sedate her.

That night at a warehouse at the Bronx, the Punisher watches as Dove, a woman working for the Exchange, kills Liam for drawing the Punisher's attention after the wedding day shooting. But Dove is aware of the Punisher's presence and summons the assassin they hired, the new Vulture.

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THE HOTTEST LAUNCH OF THE SUMMER CONTINUES. Hunting for the villains behind the Wedding Day massacre, The Punisher will leave no body unturned! With Detectives Bolt and Clemons on his tail, the massacre’s only survivor will seek the Punisher’s aid…which might be the worst of all possible choices

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