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Synopsis for 1st story

Vulture grabs Punisher with his talons and flies into the air with him.

Meanwhile, Rachel Cole has woken up and is told by her doctor that she will have to go through rehab. Rachel insists to her doctor that her name is Alves because she took her husband's name.

In the air, the Punisher is able to break one of the Vulture's legs and pulls out a knife, stabbing him in the ankle and grabbing him by the neck. Just below them, Clemons and Bolt enter the warehouse and find only Liam's headless body. Bolt thinks it was the Punisher. However, Clemons doesn't think so and notices the Punisher's rifle lying in a pile of shattered glass, leading him to believe that the Punisher and someone else was there. As they fly through New York City, Vulture continues to cut Punisher with his talons while he stabs him repeatedly, lowering their altitude.

Norah is taking Clemons' advice and asks her stylist at a hair salon to cut her hair short. Halfway through, Norah gets a notification on her iPhone from someone on Twitter, who posted a picture of the Punisher's mid-air battle. She leaves the salon with one side of her hair cut short and searches the sky until she finds them.

Shortly after being stabbed through the eye, the Punisher drives his knife through Vulture's chest, followed by his head, killing him and releasing him from his grip. As he falls, Clemons and Bolt follow after him. He lands in an alley, still conscious. While he struggles to get up, in the hospital, Rachel gets out of bed. Norah finds him in the alley, surprised that he is still alive. Just as Rachel falls to the ground and is helped up by the doctor, Punisher asks Norah for help.

Solicit Synopsis

Even 10,000 feet above New York, no one escapes the Punisher. As Frank trails the criminal underbelly of the city, he encounters the deadly, mob created villain: THE VULTURE for a brutal battle against death and gravity. Meanwhile, as NYPD detectives get closer to understanding Frank Castle’s new relationship, one of New York’s finest is struggling to keep his own Punisher association untraceable.


  • The hair salon is called "Hair By Alonso," who bears a striking resemblance to Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.

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