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Quote1.png Let me ask you a question, Norah: Is there a story here, one you need to report? Quote2.png
Ben Urich

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)




Synopsis for 1st story

Forty minutes after attempting to write an article on the Punisher's recent string of killings, Norah Winters meets with Ben Urich in the Lion's Head Pub hoping to get some advice.

Three hours earlier, Norah drives the Punisher to his safehouse in Queens, despite her insistence that he go to a hospital. After bringing him there, he orders her to leave.

When she recounts her story, she does not tell Urich who it was about, but says that there is a big story in it. He says her that not every story needs to be told and tells her about a similar instance when he learned a secret about a superhero. Had he written about it he would have been famous. Instead, he kept it a secret, thinking it would only help himself.

At his safehouse, Punisher builds a splint out of wood for his leg and leaves; meanwhile, Bolt is on the rooftop in South Bronx where the Vulture's body landed along with Carlie Cooper and other forensic specialists. Carlie observes that Clemons isn't present, so Bolt goes looking for him. He finds him in the alley where the Punisher landed and questions him on why he's gathering information on the Punisher. In response, he tells him that the Punisher isn't a hero for killing bad people.

Inside an animal hospital in Queens, Punisher is stitching up his injuries when he hears yelling outside. In the alley, he finds two thugs beating up a snitch. He comes to his rescue and kills the two thugs, after which he tells the snitch to hold a mirror for him.

Norah recalls her visit with Rachel in the hospital to ask her a few questions and the two instantly hit it off. Later, Clemons goes to the Lion's Head Pub and asks Norah for the Punisher's whereabouts, having eyewitness proof that she helped the vigilante; however, she refuses to give him any information. When, he leaves, she continues to write her article on Rachel Cole as across town the Punisher leaves the animal hospital, having fully stitched up his injuries.

Solicit Synopsis

MORE PAIN. MORE GAIN. Last month, the Punisher fell. Hard. Now Frank Castle is a man brutally and violently broken and barely grasping onto life. And for Frank Castle… it means he’s more dangerous than ever.

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