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  • Hope (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "After 100 Days"

On Thanksgiving Day, 100 days since the Punisher fought the Vulture, a young boy walks in the snow to a silo where he finds gun cases, maps on tables, and gun targets hanging on the wall but no one inside. He runs away soon after.

In the city, cops storm a home and discover five dead bodies. Clemons and Bolt, who were following a lead on the Exchange, think the killer was the Punisher. Meanwhile, Rachel Cole is pushing herself hard in rehab against the wishes of her physical therapist.

At the same time, the Exchange is having a meeting on the death of Mr. Creel, the man found dead in his home. Stephanie Gerard, the leader of the Exchange, issues a warning to everyone in the room about being discreet, which she believes Creel wasn't. When the meeting is adjourned, Christian Poulsen is says to her that he's glad that Creel is dead because he would have been interrogated by the police had he not been killed and thinks he was talking to Norah Winters. Stephanie thinks it was the Punisher, but Christian is unsure. Regardless, Stephanie wants Christian to take care of him.

The boy returns to the silo and sees Frank practicing his shooting on gun targets. Since the boy doesn't know he's the Punisher, he decides to talk to him about the army. But when Frank says the army is for wimps, the boy gets angry since his parents are both currently deployed. Shortly after, they eat and the boy tells him about how he's living with his grandparents until his parents get back. Frank tells the boy to leave, but the boy promises to keep his location a secret since he believes he is on a mission.

Norah and Rachel spend Thanksgiving together at the Lion's Head Pub. Norah is working on an article at the moment and gets up to go to the restroom, leaving behind her notes. Rachel takes the opportunity to read her notes on the Exchange.

Clemons is spending his Thanksgiving at home alone with his dog. Bolt calls him and asks him to spend Thanksgiving with him, his girlfriend, and her family. After he declines, Bolt gets a text from an unknown caller requesting another dead drop in 30 minutes.

Later on, the boy returns to Frank's hideout with leftover food, but Frank is not there. Then, he discovers a can of white spray paint and a bullet proof vest with the Punisher's skull insignia on it. Frank returns and tells the boy to go. Angry, he throws his vest to the ground and tells him he's not a soldier.

Solicit Synopsis

RUCKA AND CHECCHETTO CONTINUE THEIR STUNNING RUN. Frank Castle. Bloody. Hurt. Fallen. Getting there first is everything.

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