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Quote1.png You said Castle was doing us a favor. Castle doesn't do favors, Walter. Who lives, who dies, that's not for us to say. We serve the law. Like it or not, that's our job. Castle serves himself. Quote2.png
Detective Clemons

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Synopsis for "The String"

Ozzy Clemons is staring intently at a map of New York with the pictures of several dead criminals attached and push pins in various locations while playing with a pocket knife. Captain Rangel enters and tells him that he and Bolt have to go to a ski resort upstate involving the deaths of Exchange members. Rangel notices the map and asks what it is about, to which Clemons replies by saying it's the Punisher.

During the drive up, as Ozzy continues to open and close his knife, Bolt tries to ask him something when he assumes it is about his new relationship with Carlie Cooper and tells him he couldn't care less about it. After stopping for drinks, Bolt asks Ozzy why he is so intent on bringing the Punisher in. However, he doesn't answer. As they continue their drive, Ozzy still playing with his knife, Bolt says that the Punisher is doing the police a favor by killing Exchange members.

Ozzy tells him about a case he was investigating a few years ago involving Alfred Coppersmith. Coppersmith had spiked Zumatrin asprin with cyanide, leading to the deaths of four people, as revenge for being fired and replaced by a machine. Ozzy and his former partner Caitlin Leigh tracked him to his apartment in the course of their investigation. On the roof, they found Daredevil and the Punisher fighting over what to do with him. Daredevil knocked Coppersmith out while the arrival of the police forced Punisher to flee. Afterwards, they processed his apartment, which was in shambles after an earlier fight with the Punisher. Among the things they foundnd there was the knife Ozzy is currently playing with. During interrogation, Coppersmith's lawyer, Matt Murdock, said he was ready to make a plea. But three days later, Coppersmith withdrew his plea because someone had told him they didn't have a case. The evidence in his apartment was tainted and they couldn't deduce what was Coppersmith's and what was the Punisher's.

When, he finishes his story, they reach the Exchange's cabin at the North Creek ski resort. Bolt asks what became of Coppersmith. Ozzy says that he was found dead in his apartment shortly after being released. Before they enter the resort, Clemons tells him he knows that he has been feeding the Punisher information and that it stops immediately.

Inside, they see the dead bodies of several Exchange members, altogether adding up to 18 dead. Sheriff Schmidt mentions three people found dead in the woods were heavily armed. Bolt notices an unplugged laptop charger but no laptops. Bolt joins up with Ozzy in the hallways, where Clemons tells him to look at the ceiling lights, which have been shot out. Bolt tells Clemons about the men in the woods who were expecting the Punisher, which leads Clemons to believe that someone else was involved in the shooting, backed up by the bellhop jacket Clemons found. Then, Clemons opens his knife, which is revealed to have the Punisher's skull on it, and says the Punisher has a partner.

Solicit Synopsis

One long ago night, as the Punisher battled Daredevil, one cop’s life was forever changed.


Alfred Coppersmith appeared last in Daredevil #257.

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