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Quote1.png You know how to defeat the Punisher, Frank? You misdirect him. You engage him at range. You deny him his shot. And then you take him apart...piece by piece... Quote2.png
Christian Poulsen

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Synopsis for 1st story

Seconds after the Punisher and Rachel Cole meet at the ski cabin, there is a brief standoff until they both realize they are on the same side. After lowering their weapons, they each take a laptop belonging to members of the Exchange.

At a storage facility in Astoria, Queens, Stephanie Gerard meets with Christian Poulsen regarding his plan to deal with the Punisher. Entering his storage unit, Poulsen explains that the Punisher would have known the cabin was a trap if he didn't get to kill any members of the Exchange. Then, after moving around a few boxes, Poulsen finds and opens the door to a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons cache, where he also uses this time to hit on Stephanie, making her angry. As she leaves, she gives him until the end of the week to finish off the Punisher.

Meanwhile, at an abandoned gas station in Manhattan, Frank is digging through the stolen laptop when he finds a message stating money deposits should be made by email or sent to 727 Varick St.

At the same time, Rachel Cole is searching her stolen laptop. Clemons and Bolt come to her door wanting to ask her a few questions, which confuses Rachel because she thought the investigation in the wedding massacre had been dropped considering the fact that the Punisher had killed the shooters. While they're there, Clemons asks her if she's had any contact with the Punisher now that they know that he has a partner. She denies it and orders them to leave.

Frank is scoping out 727 Varick St. from outside. Inside the building, someone disguised as a janitor is ambushed by two floating, spherical machines, one of which delivers a shock to the person's back. Getting shocked again, the disguised person tries to shoot it, which has no effect on it's bulletproof coating. Another shock results in the janitor's hat falling off, revealing that the disguised person is Rachel Cole. However, Poulsen, who is watching and controlling things through a computer in another location, is sure that he is attacking the Punisher due to the fact that he is viewing Rachel through thermal vision. He is therefore completely unaware that the Punisher is behind him.

Solicit Synopsis

• Frank is up against a soldier who is more like him than either of them realize.

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