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Synopsis for 1st story

After Rachel Cole receives another shock from the machine, Poulsen turns off the thermal vision and discovers that she is not the Punisher. The real Punisher has a gun pointed at Poulsen's head. But when he tries to fire it, Poulsen explains that there is a combustion nullification field set up, stopping his bullets from firing. However, Poulsen has a gun that fires water under high pressure and thus doesn't require combustion to work.

Now that Poulsen is focused on Frank, Rachel is no longer being attacked by his machines. From the window she sees a helicopter fly by.

Frank surprises Poulsen by attacking from the ceiling and stabbing him in the shoulder with a knife. Suddenly, an explosion comes from the window and several Black Spectre agents appear and come to Poulsen's assistance. One agent says that Daredevil is in possession of a drive and may use it soon. Then, while they take Poulsen to safety, several agents stay behind to fight Punisher.

From the next building, Rachel takes a sniper rifle and unloads on the Black Spectre agents. Frank finds an injured agent and orders him to tell him about the drive that Daredevil has. The agent says it's called the Omega Drive.

A few minutes later, the police are searching the building, but Frank and Rachel have already left. At a diner in Queens, Frank is patching up his injuries, after which he asks Rachel what her objective is. She responds by saying it's to destroy the enemy. Frank tells her they have a new target.

Solicit Synopsis

• Two Punishers For The Price Of One! But They Ain’t Partners. • The Exchange Tries To Solve Their Punisher Problem, Permanently, With The Aid Of Some Unique Technology. • It Gets Loud.

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