Appearing in "Suicide Run Part One: Terminal Objectives"

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Synopsis for "Suicide Run Part One: Terminal Objectives"

Punisher captures an accountant who works for the Vaducci Family. Hoping to be let go in exchange for information, the accountant tells him about a big mob summit that will happen in a couple of weeks in Manhattan. Later, Punisher visits Rosalie Carbone to learn more. She refuses to say anything, but her male companion explains the meeting will be at Manhattan Tower two weeks before Thanksgiving.

Jackie Dee meets with various mob leaders to discuss their plan. The summit is intended to lure the Punisher into an ambush. Jigsaw leaves, telling them their plan will fail and Punisher will kill them instead.

Punisher and Microchip review the blueprints and security for Manhattan Tower. Microchip says he thinks the summit is a trap, and going in will be suicide. Punisher says he won't miss a mob meeting that big.

Lynn Michaels quits the police force, telling her boss they don't make a difference anymore.

Before the summit, Mickey leaves a delivery truck in the basement of Manhattan Tower. On the day of the summit, Microchip remotely flies a small plane full of C-4, and crashes it into the roof of the Tower. The explosion knocks out the building's telecommunications and security cameras. Punisher emerges from the delivery truck, then rappels up the elevator shaft. When he arrives at the 100th floor, the lights come up and he is surrounded by armed gangsters. He tells them that he is holding a remote detonator, and the van below them is full of Sem-Tex. If he lets go of the deadmans switch, the bomb will collapse the building.

Appearing in "Clock's Ticking"

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Synopsis for "Clock's Ticking"

Punisher beats up a man known for kidnapping, molesting, and killing little girls. He demands to know where the man hid his latest victim. Punisher holds him out a window, and the man confesses he put the girl in a recycling bin under the Brooklyn Bridge. The man claims he is not responsible for his crimes because he was addicted to TV. Punisher kills him by smashing his head through a TV screen.

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