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Synopsis for "Suicide Run, Part 7: Known Associates"

Frank Castle wakes in a jail cell and notices ink on his fingers. He asks an officer where he is, how long ago he was fingerprinted, and who's in charge.

Blackwell, Lynn Michaels, Rosalie Carbone, amd Outlaw receive information from various sources that the Punisher's fingerprints were sent from Laastekist.

Castle tells Sheriff Bendix that he is the Punisher, and tries to warn him that authorities and gangsters will be heading to town looking for him. The Sheriff doesn't believe any of it. Some time later, Bendix makes a phone call to federal agents. They will not confirm who the fingerprints belong to, only saying that it's classified.

The August Dragon Clan, Righteous Ones, FBI, Vito Vaducci, and Jimmy Pierce head towards Laastekist.

Blackwell blows up the local power station. The lights go off in the police station, but Sheriff Bendix doesn't believe anything is wrong. Then he receives a radio call from officers reporting a firefight. He receives another radio call from his daughter, Amy, saying that men are in their home and want him to release the Punisher. Castle insists that Bendix let him out and give him a gun.

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