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Synopsis for "Hunter/Hunted, Part 1"

Two low-level thugs rob a bank alongside a reluctant Rhino; the Rhino accidentally kills a guard during the heist. The Punisher later tracks the trio down and kills the two thugs. The Rhino is afraid of him and remorseful about the guard’s death, but the Punisher blasts him with a rocket launcher, exploding him through the wall where he crashes to the street below. Punisher then fires a series of missiles at him to kill him. Luckily for the Rhino, Spider-Man is in the area and saves Rhino at the last second.

In Turkey, Domino flees from multiple locals shooting at her. She breaks an ankle during her getaway. As they are about to kill her SHIELD agents, who have been following her, reveal themselves and stop the men; G.W. Bridge recruits Domino into a group aiming to take down the Punisher.

Back in NYC, the Punisher sees the Rhino and Spidey now battling and rolls his eyes at the idiocy of super heroes. Spider-Man webs the Punisher up but is then taken out by a blowgun from Alyosha Kraven, who then throws Spider-Man off the roof and then takes down the Rhino with a tranquilizer dart. Then he drags Rhino away. A recovering Spider-Man warns the webbed-up Punisher not to get involved.

The Rhino wakes up imprisoned on a ship next to the Vulture, also captured by Kraven, along with many other animal-themed villains. Rhino says he actually hopes the Punisher finds him.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPBs:
    • Punisher War Journal: Hunter/Hunted TPB #1
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