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  • High Altitude Wing-Kite (H.A.W.K.)

Synopsis for "Hunter/Hunted, Part 2"

Al Kraven lines up his captive animal-themed villains, all wearing explosive collars, and says he is their master now. He blows the head off of the horse Aragorn to demonstrate his seriousness.

With Stuart Clarke’s help, the Punisher investigates all the holdings of Alyosha Kraven until discovering his docked ship. Inside the ship, Rhino asks why the Vulture hasn’t tried to remove the explosive collar; Vulture reveals that Kraven has broken both his hands. Then Kraven comes with bowls of food for his captured “pets”; Rhino eats heartily, but once Kraven leaves, Vulture tells him to stop, because they are eating Aragorn. Rhino throws up and says they have to escape.

In Paris, Contessa Valentia Allegra de Fontaine leaps off of the Eiffel tower with several AIM robots in pursuit; one manages to capture her but she destroys it. She is then approached by G.W. Bridge who recruits her as part of a team to take down the Punisher.

Aboard Kraven’s ship, the Punisher discovers Kraven’s zoo and notes that they have devolved into a bestial state. Kraven confronts him, and Punsiher shoots open the Rhino’s cage. But Kraven, super-powered due to his mysticl potions, takes the Rhino down with one punch, and then shoots the Punsiher with a dart.

The Punisher wakes up chained to a post with the water level rising. Kraven tells him over the intercom that the ship is sinking and he has released all of his captives, who are wandering the ship in their bestial state. Tiger Shark finds the Punisher first.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPBs:
    • Punisher War Journal: Hunter/Hunted TPB #1
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