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Quote1.png It was an accident! I ain't never killed nobody before! It was a mistake! Haven't you ever made a mistake?!? Quote2.png
Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevich)

Appearing in "Hunter/Hunted, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Hunter/Hunted, Part 3"

Tiger Shark breaks the Punisher’s chains and drags him under water to drown him. Punisher turns the tables and chokes him out with the loose chain, and resolves to find and kill Kraven. Elsewhere aboard the ship, Kraven stalks and seemingly kills Frog-Man, and then Bushmaster. He discovers the unconscious body of Tiger Shark and is enraged that Punisher took the hunt away from him. Sneaking through the ship, Frank witnesses a brawl between Grizzly and Man-Bull, and retrieves one of Man-Bull’s broken horns as a weapon. He encounters Mandrill and badly beats him, punching one of his eyes right out of his skull. But then he encounters Gargoyle and Swarm fighting, who both turn on him when they see him. Punisher flees through a door, drawing the attention of Kraven who is still stalking him. Blasted by fire and bee-stings, Punisher blacks out a second, and when he awakes Kraven is preparing to kill him.

Elsewhere, Silver Sable has taken on a small-time job to steal a diamond in order to make quick cash, but this turns out to be a ruse orchestrated by G.W. Bridge to make contact with her. He recruits her for his team aiming to take down the Punisher.

Punisher and Kraven battle brutally; Kraven uses teleportation technology to keep the Punisher disoriented. But Rhino, helping the Vulture to safety, sees Kraven and charges him. Punisher tries to shoot him but his gun jams. Kraven tries to teleport away but Punisher leaps into field with him and drags him back to the ship, but eventually Kraven leaps over the edge and teleports away. Punisher turns his gun onto the Rhino, who says he didn’t mean to kill the security guard. Punisher reluctantly lets him jump over the edge and swim away.

In his Savage Land lair, Kraven vows to hunt and kill the Punisher, while the Punisher says to Stuart Clarke they have to go to the Savage Land to kill him first. With Vulture’s help, Rhino composes a letter to the widow of the guard he accidentally killed.

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