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Synopsis for "Family Business"

Drunkard and down on his luck Daily Bugle reporter Michael McTeer is awoken from his drunken slumber in Central Park to the sound of what he thinks are firecrackers. After stumbling towards the source of the noise, he finds a family gunned down next to a man tied upside down to a tree.

After phoning the police, he is held at the scene for questioning while homicide detectives John Laviano and Stan Witts discuss what has been found. The upside down man is revealed to be a mobster who has been executed by the Maggia and the family is revealed to be The Castles, a family that, judging from the kite stuck in the tree in which the mobster was found, were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Laviano goes over to talk to McTeer, showing a distrust and annoyance for McTeer, when he is interrupted by the paramedics calling him over to show that one of the victims, Frank Castle, still has a pulse. In that moment, Frank's eyes jerk open and he begins to fight his way through the medics and cops until he finds his way over to his wife's body, finally succumbing to the tranquilizer the medics injected into him.

While Laviano and Witts are standing guard outside Frank's room at the hospital, they discuss what they've found out about Castle, that he is a Captain of the Marine Corps, served three tours in Vietnam, and is the recipient of numerous medals, including four purple hearts. Laviano then brings up how the media will react to this event, leading to his desire to keep reporters away from Castle, especially McTeer who happens to be eavesdropping on the conversation. While McTeer leaves the hospital, Doctor Miles Warren approaches the detectives and explains to Laviano that Forrest Hunt, the mobster who was executed is, actually still alive, which angers Laviano. There is then a brief interruption from the hospital scene to show McTeer at Buchan's Bar, prematurely celebrating the success that the writing about the Castle tragedy will bring him and begins mentally writing his headline.

Back at the hospital, Laviano informs Witts that Hunt has just died, leaving only Castle to name and identify the men who gunned down his family. Laviano comments that if the Maggia members were prepared to waste four bystanders to keep things neat", they'd be more than willing to finish Castle off. They leave the hospital wing with only a lone police officer, Weiss, guarding Castle's room. Shortly after, two Maggia members disguised as doctors approach Weiss, show him his wife's wedding ring, and suggest that he leave his post if he ever wants to see her again. He complies.

Castle wakes up shortly before the Maggia members walk into his room. He begins to remember what happened to his family at the park and falls to his knees. The members walk in seeing Castle, and aim a gun to his head.

End of Part 1

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