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Homicide detectives John Laviano and Stan Witts are standing outside Mount Sinai Hospital, trying to take a brief break from the Castle Massacre. Laviano comments how he just get the face of Frank Castle, the only survivor of the massacre, out of his head.

Back inside the hospital, Castle is on his knees in his room, mourning the deaths of his family whilst the Maggia assassins close in for the kill. Caste surprises them however by charging the both of them, resluting in the death of one of them. The surviving flees the room with Castle closely following him when he bumps into Officer Weiss blocking the exit, resulting in the assassin being shot by the assassin. This gives Castle the time he needs to tackle the assassin and aim his gun at him. Castle is interrupted by Laviano however, who pleads with Castle to not kill the man and instead to help the NYPD bring down the men who did this. Laviano promises Frank that justice will be served in honor of his family.

The next morning down at the police station, Frank is at Laviano's desk identifying the men he saw at the shootout. Laviano later tells Captain Howard Furniss that Frank has IDed five high ranking members of the Costa crime family, and is more than eager to testify against them at their trail.

Over at the Daily Bugle, McTeer is talking with editor Robbie Robertson about the Castle Massacre and is asking him to talk to J Jonah Jameson about letting him write the story. Robbie reluctantly agrees, but tells McTeer to "pull together some basics" as to show Robbie that his time is not being wasted. McTeer eagerly agrees and upon exiting Robbie's office sees Peter Parker, asking him if he can borrow Peter's camera for the story. Peter reluctantly agrees and hands McTeer the camera, prompting McTeer to steal a roll of film from Peter's bag once Peter's back is turned.

McTeer makes his way to the Castle household, taking pictures of the outside, when he finds Frank inside. After being invited in, McTeer tries to convince Frank to let him write about the massacre, saying that doing so will help saves lives by having it in the public eye and that it might help battle against the disease that is organized crime. When shown reluctance, McTeer tells Frank about his own wife's death, how she was gunned down during a hold-up, and promises Frank that writing this story will help save people like his wife.

Back at the police station, Laviano is being told by Captain Furniss over the phone that all five members of the Costa family have iron clad alibis and to drop the case entirely. Laviano angrily hangs up and goes to find Witts to tell him the news. Upon informing Witts, Laviano adds how he doesn't know how he's going to tell Frank.

Back at the Castle house, Frank is being told the news about his case by Laviano over the phone. Frank hangs up and beings talking towards Maria about how he's failed her and the kids. During his talk, he gets a phone call from McTeer, who's heard the news about Frank's case and reminds him about the offer.

The next morning, McTeer and Frank are at receptionist Betty Brant's desk, with McTeer demanding to see Jameson. Brant manages to set up a meeting, which McTeer immediately goes to, leaving Frank to stand by Brant's desk. Brant gets a call and takes a message concerning McTeer, alerting Frank's curiosity. Brant leaves to go get coffee for Frank, leaving time for Frank to look at the message. Brant comes back with said coffee, but finds Frank missing. McTeer comes back and asks Brant where Frank is. Brant doesn't know, but tells McTeer about the message, that his wife called and asked McTeer to call her back. McTeer, realizing that Frank knows about the lie and that he has lost Frank's trust, rushes out of the Daily Bugle to find Frank.

Frank is back at his house, talking towards Maria again. He goes through his old marine trunk and finds his old handgun. He professes his eternal love for Maria and aims the gun at his head.

End of Part 2.

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