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Synopsis for "In Memoriam"

Hearing gun shots, McTeer runs towards Castle's house and kicks down the door. He works his way to the master bedroom to find a still living Frank Castle, who's managed to shoot at a wall instead of his head. Frank realizes McTeer is right next to him and tries to kill him out of rage. Franks screams about how everybody from McTeer to Laviano has lied to him, how "you were all so full of promises" and that it "turned out you were just full of it. Period." He then throws McTeer aside and walks out to the front steps of the house. McTeer later joins Frank outside, whose admiring the flowers his wife used to plant by the front steps, and tells Frank the truth, about how he's a miserable drunkard, his wife left him, and how he's been desperate for a story like Frank's for a while now. Frank responds by telling McTeer that he's not through with him yet.

Five days later in a shady bar, McTeer is hustling Flynn Mulligan about information concerning the Costa family. Mulligan leaves in a huff when he's stopped by Frank, who proceeds beating information out of him instead. Frank and McTeer continue doing this to low hanging members of the Costa organization for a week or so. Captain Harris Furniss request detectives John Laviano and Stan Witts to take deal with these assaults, a request the two promptly ignore.

Down in Punta Verde, Florida, the higher ups of the Costa family strategist of how to dealt with the "loose-end" that is Frank Castle. Don Frank Costa suggests a hit on both Frank and McTeer, saying that he "knows just the man for the job."

Back in McTeer's apartment, Frank and McTeer are discussing how next to hurt the Costa operation, with Frank commenting on how "they must know someone's leaning on them" by now. After deciding on a plan of action, Frank goes to leave the apartment and shows signs that McTeer has earned his trust again. McTeer is honored to finally have someone trust him without having to lie and proceeds to give up drinking and contemplates calling back his wife.

Meanwhile at Mount Sinai Hospital, a doctor visits a patient who is recovering from an encounter with Frank and McTeer. The doctor proceeds to shoot the patient to death, revealing himself to actually be the man Don Costa was referring to.

McTeer is in the process of calling his wife when there's a knock at the door. McTeer goes to answer it and is greeted by the same assassin from the hospital and several gunshots.

Frank is walking back to his house, taking in the peace of the neighborhood, when he notices that the flowers by the front steps have been stepped on. The house suddenly explodes.

End of Part 3

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