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Quote1.png I hate Gotham. But I had to come back here. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for ""Deadly Knights""

In a warehouse in Gotham City, the Punisher was engaged in a gunfight with various criminals while Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, Commissioner Gordon, and many other police officers were outside, waiting and watching. In order to kill all of the criminals, Frank decided to shoot a chemical vat in order to cause an explosion. Afterwards, there was still one criminal left who Frank intended to question. Meanwhile, Batman (Bruce Wayne and not Jean-Paul Valley who fought the Punisher in Batman and Punisher: Lake of Fire) saw the smoke caused by the explosion in the factory. Castle was questioning the criminal, claiming that his boss Luke Tango worked for Jigsaw. The criminal, however, claimed that he did not know anything, so the Punisher prepared to execute him, but before he could do so, Batman came in from above and attacked the Punisher, allowing the criminal to escape. Batman and the Punisher continued to fight until the former threw the latter at a distance, but the latter got up and the former decided that he wanted to know what brought him to Gotham.

Meanwhile, the criminal from the warehouse went to Chuckles Comedy Club where he told Jigsaw about his encounter with the Punisher. As the criminal attempted to explain himself, the Joker emerged and shot him dead. Then, the Joker conversed with Jigsaw, who was frustrated as the former was supposed to help him grow his criminal enterprise. The Joker responded by telling him to wait longer.

In a warehouse, the Punisher told Micro Chip about his encounter with Batman. Moments later, Micro Chip had tracked down the Gotham mobs on a computer. Simultaneously, Batman and Robin were in the Batcave looking at the same map on their computer. Batman believed that it was his duty to stop gang wars that would bring people like the Punisher to Gotham.

Meanwhile, at the beach in Gotham, Jigsaw and the Joker have buried Luke Tango in dirt up to his head and questioned him on how to reach Jimmy Navarone. Tango gave in and disclosed Navarone's location, but the Joker and Jigsaw left Tango to drown in the ocean water. At Navarone's penthouse, he was beating a man with his fists and he had just learned of Tango's disappearance. Next, Navarone got into his limousine with a woman. The Punisher was in a car, driving towards Navarone's limousine as Micro Chip hacked the latter's computer. In the Batcave, Robin was next to Alfred Pennyworth, also hacking Navarone's computer. Frank eventually arrived at The Toy Box where he encountered Russo. Meanwhile, Micro Chip and Robin both competed to hack into Navarone's computer. Navarone and his men emerged along with the Joker and his men and Navarone's men and the Joker's men prepared to fight each other. Robin was able to beat Micro Chip in hacking.

While Jimmy and the Joker were about to fight, Batman was above them and he dropped smoke bombs and the Punisher emerged and opened fire. Batman fought the criminals with his fists while Castle confronted Russo, throwing a grenade at him, wounding his face yet again, and angering him. Out of rage, Russo killed Navarone and his men with stray fire in an attempt to kill Castle. As Batman got close enough to the Punisher, he told him to never show his face in Gotham again. Then, Batman spotted Jigsaw and fought him while the Punisher encountered the Joker, who stunned him by shooting a bullet in front of his face. Then, the Punisher got up while Batman had Jigsaw in his grasp and interrogated him. Jigsaw attempted to break free, but Batman grabbed his arm and handcuffed him to a corpse. Meanwhile, the Joker attempted to escape as the Punisher chased him down. Eventually, the Punisher had the Joker cornered and prepared to execute him, but Batman showed up and stopped him, triggering an argument and another fight between the Dark Knight and the gunman, as the former of the fighters told the Joker to run away. Batman and the Punisher fought until the former knocked the latter into a pile of boxes before the two parted ways.


  • Marvel Comics/DC Comics crossover.
  • One-shot graphic novel; prestige format.
  • The events of this crossover are referenced in Nightwing Vol 2 44, which has Dick Grayson mention that a vicelord (Jimmy Navarone) was "axed by some out of town psycho vigilante. The Pulverizer, the Penetrator? I forget".
  • The second of two Punisher and Batman crossovers published for 1994.

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