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| OfficialName = [[Punishers]]
| OfficialName = [[Punishers]]
| EditorialNames =
| EditorialNames =
| Aliases =
| Aliases = Punisher Gang{{r|Dead Man Logan Vol 1 7}}
| Status = Active
| Status = Active

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Punisher Gang[1]
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A gang patterned after the vigilante Punisher.
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Quote1 Frank Castle would be spinning in his grave if he knew how these people were desecrating his name. Quote2
-- Logan


After Logan killed the Kingpin and the Hulk Gang, a power void was formed in Hammer Falls. The Punishers came to Hammer Falls to stake a claim, but when Emma Frost tried to use her psychic powers to contain their violence, she made the situation worse. She was unable to form her body into a diamond before one of the Punishers shot her. She died from her wounds, recounting the tale to Logan. [2]


Equipment: * Punisher's War Journal
Weapons: Various high-powered firearms.

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