Quote1 Those lifeless dummies will be mine to command once I've shpritzed them with my radioactive marmelade! Quote2
-- Pup-Pest Master[4]

The villain alternatively known as the Puppet Mister[2] and the Perfidious Puppetmaster was a long-time enemy of the Fantastical Four, repeatedly sent to state penitentiaries.[1] At one point, another villain, the Scarecrow, tricked the superheroes X-Persons, making them believe that the Puppet Mister was mind-controlling the superhero team Offengers in an attempt to make the two teams fight each other.[2]

Although the Puppet Mister was innocent of this crime,[2] he had a different crime which he perpetrated: While imprisoned in a state penitentiary, the Puppet Mister accessed to a prison-owned farm and stole some seeds, which he planted in his radioactive clay. The seeds mutated to become the vegetable-themed villain Mean Cuisine and its minions the Lunch Legion, but they remained dormant until they were in the vicinity of an individual broadcasting bio-radioactivity—specifically She-Bulk (Jennifer-sher Altereds). She-Bulk defeated the monsters and two policemen discovered the involvement of the Puppet Mister. Although the origin of the monsters was farfetched, they also discovered that the creatures were from Jersey, which explained the weird behavior and appearance.[1]

Not much later, the Fantastical Four renounced to their careers as superheroes to become music stars. The Puppet Mister and many of the FF usual opponents attended to one of their concerts, where the Fantastical Four defeated Doctor Doof. The Puppet Mister and the rest of the audience cheered the Fantastical Four for this success.[3]

Suddenly mutating to a more dog-like face, the now called Pup-Pest Master rented part of the former headquarters of Lecks Loothor, who had moved to a different place. The Pup-Pest Master also placed spy monitors in another rented area, a chepest part that had been rented by Obnoxio the Clown, and settled in his new lair. He was unaware that Doctor Dumb (previously Doctor Doof) was also hiding in a different part of the building, and also monitoring Obnoxio's living area.[4]

Thus, when Obnoxio decided to make a museum of superheroes using mannekins, both the Master and Dumb found a chance to made a villainy: The Master distributed his radioactive mermelade through the sprinkler systems to bring life to the dummies and make them obey his orders. At the same time, Dr. Dumb sprayed the mannekins with his own animation gas. The lifeless dummies got life from both sides and started fighting each other, scaring the customers away. Obnoxio, watching the scene, did not know what was happening. However, when mystically-oriented heroes Zaptara and Dr. Stranger fought each other with magicks, they created a magical havoc that allowed Obnoxio to see both the Pup-Pest Master and Dr. Dumb "across the interspacial maelstrom." Understanding the problem, Obnoxio cleaned the Master's radioactive marmelade with air-wick and sprayed the mannekins with hot water to clean Dumb's gas. This defeated all the mannekins, although it angered the Master and Dumb, who grumbled and prepared to attack Obnoxio.[4]


By using radioactive clay,[1] sometimes referred to as radioactive mermelade, he could manipulate lifeless dummies so that they came to live and obey his orders, at least to a certain extent.[4] The X-Persons believed that he managed to mind-control the Offengers.[2]


His control over the animated creatures was apparently not absolute.[4]


  • His radioactive marmalade[4] or clay[1] that made enemies come to live. The marmalade could be distributed through sprinkler systems,[4] or he could plant vegetable seeds on them to create monsters.[1]

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