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Puppy was the offspring of Lockjaw and of "some interdimensional beastie-thing".[3]

Puppy was found in the basement of the Four Freedoms Plaza by Kraven the Hunter. Kraven was taking Puppy to the pound when he was rescued by the Human Torch, Spider-Man, and Caledonia. Puppy was then taken back to Pier Four, where he quickly bonded with Franklin Richards.[4]

When the inter-dimensional bounty hunter Bounty and the Bacchae came after Caledonia, Puppy teleported the group into Tartarus. After their trip, Puppy was very scared about teleporting back again.[5]

Its whereabouts are unknown, but he is presumably still out there somewhere.[6]


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Puppy can teleport interdimensionally, taking others with him. He can also track others interdimensionally.[7]


He has a lack of skill concerning his teleportation power.


Tom Brevoort has stated that Puppy is the offspring of Lockjaw; however, this has not been substantiated in comics or handbooks so far.

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