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Anti-mutant hate group.

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As in his mainstream counterpart, this racist group is represented both by an active website and by protesters on the ground.

After the alien attack on the X-Men, the Purity representative Alice Tremaine accused them to be the cause of the damages. Those accusations made the US president and his council fear about a race war, and so place the Nimrod Sentinels on full alert.[1]

As Kitty was working to solve the crisis, among the X-Men, Alice keeps scoring in people's choice, considered to care about them and not only for the mutants.[2]

During a support meeting for the mayoral candidate Kitty Pryde, Purity protesters and supporters of the candidature of Alice Tremaine came, and one of them throw a brick on Kitty, making her say a federative speech.[3]

At the Reynolds Club of the University of Chicago for the live debate, Tremaine keep on a racist side, accusing her adversary to be a monster, while Kitty stay on her line.[4]

During the whole time of the campaign, Purity partisans acted in a violent and hating way, made of violence, murders, hatred graffiti. The murder of Jake Delillo, a young Pryde's supporter beaten up by several Purity members was analysed by Alice Tremaine as the proof of the danger to mix by force two species.

The Purity finally lost, and Alice refused the tradition of the conceding phone-call, hoping that Pryde will die from her collapse.

Since Tremaine finally goes pro-mutant, twenty years later, the whereabouts of Purity are unknown.


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