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The gem provides a means to enter (or become trapped in) the Purple Dimension led by the slaver Aggamon.[1][2]

Used to amplify and focus the Eye of Agamotto's power; the incantation included "Heightened by Aggamon's distant might" [3]

Used to entrap an opponent; the target appeared to be more like eaten by the gem itself rather than transported to the Purple Dimension.[3]

Doc once attempted to use the Purple Gem to entrap Loki, but being a god, Loki resisted being sent to the Purple Dimension (or if he was actually sent there, he was able to return instantaneously under his own power).[4]

A mirror made from another of the Purple Gems was put up for auction and used by Kaecilius, Demonicus, and Adria to escape the Purple Dimension.[5]

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