The Pusher Man was a small-time drug dealer who began dealing in MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone), allowing him to build a small criminal organization which included his most trusted ally, the athletic weapons expert Bo. At some point, he ordered a replica pair of Fistigons as well, based on the designs of Pride members Victor and Janet Stein. An admirer of the Pride, Los Angeles' leading criminals, Pusher Man kept his operation out of their territory. One of his MGH customers, Reginald Mantz, used the drug to impersonate the super-vigilante Cloak and beat Cloak's partner Dagger into a coma.[1]

After the Runaways -- the Pride's estranged children -- arrived in Manhattan to clear their friend Cloak's name, they learned that Cloak and Dagger had been targeting the Pusher Man's agents and clients. Chase Stein and Nico Minoru investigated, questioning a dealer about MGH, and the dealer teleported the pair to the Pusher Man. Believing the two to be undercover super heroes, Pusher Man ordered Chase's death, but Chase bluffed the criminal by telling him that they were there under orders of the Pride. Seeing this as an opportunity to work with the Pride, an excited Pusher Man gave the duo Mantz's name and allowed them to leave.[2]

He later tried to bring news of his new "association" to the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), who -- annoyed by Pusher Man -- had him beaten, tortured and mutilated until Pusher Man finally died.[3]


  • Fistigons: He possessed a pair of Fistigons, powerful gloves that granted their user superhuman strength and could discharge fire and various energies.[4]

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