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Putnam Psychiatric Hospital is a specialist mental health centre based in Chicago, Illinois.[1]


Nazi serial killer posing as a Rabbi Yitz Perlman killed someone and Marc Spector witnessed it. Due to the traumatic experience, Marc developed a dissociative identity disorder, and never told anyone about Perlman's true nature.[2] When Marc's multiple personalities started manifesting, his father Elias Spector interned him at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital.[1]

He was treated by Dr. Emmet a psychiatrist and who was adept at hypnosis.[3] Spector's particular case and his subsequent adventures as Moon Knight caused Dr. Emmet to develop a fixation towards him.[4]

After his father's death, Marc was allowed to leave the hospital temporarily to attend the funeral and a late luncheon, but, after hearing Khonshu's voice, he ran way.[3] After his death Marc resented his father, believing that Elias was embarrassed by him.[3]


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