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A powerful nation is only as strong as its citizens. Apocalypse recognized the potential locked inside every one of his subjects and used advanced genetic engineering combined with Celestial Technology to engender powerful mutants. These are truly the master race of Battleworld, purified beings a step closer to En Sabah Nur's own Godhood. He used the DNA of his original Four Horsemen to develop an army of Champions.[1]


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The glorious kingdom of Egyptia was founded by Apocalypse 5,500 years ago. From a backwater full of warring tribes, he transformed Egyptia into the envy of the world, a unified kingdom of knowledge and peace. Behind this revolution was a triad policy: Telepathic Education, Compulsory Eugenics and Nanite Sterilization. "Sageness, Fitness and Cleanliness are the goals of every Mutant under my leadership", Lord Apocalypse preached.[1]

But this Golden Age of Egytptia was constantly threatened by incursions from other nations, like the barbaric Gamma Horde, and the imperialistic Asgardians. The foreign forces envied Mutopia's affluence; but their conquering ambitions were thwarted time and again by the scorching desert belt surrounding the capital, as well as the Horsemen’s armies stationed alongside those territories. However, even their failed attempts were more than a mere nuisance. Constant protection of the kingdom from invaders has cost many precious Mutant lives.[1]

That all changed after the coming of the Maestro. The Green Emperor unified the barbarians into a single banner, severely punishing rebellious Houses with his god-like powers. When his army arrived at Egyptia, the Maestro changed his attitude: he recognized Apocalypse as an equal, offering an alliance instead of war. He named the Kingdom a protectorate: the crown jewel of a new Realm, and primary exporter of culture and knowledge to a chaotic Battleworld.[1]

Pyramid X was the biggest suspect for stealing the Celestial Weapons (Tiamut's Inspiration, Arishem's Justice, Ea's Sight, Nezarr's Cunning)[2]



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