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Pyre was a Deviant member of Damocles Foundation and also one of their elite warriors of Sword.[2]

Pyre and his team were sent to apprehend Ulysses Dragonblood and Arcadia Deville. They were opposed by X-Force and defeated. Bloodstone and Arcadia took possession of Sword's ship and took Pyre and his team prisoner.[2]

Pyre and his team later got free and were charged with defending the Damocles Foundation base and once again fought X-Force. Selene took control of the Foundation's Celestial Gathered and used its power to turn Pyre and his team into lizards. The Gatherer was later destroyed by Moonstar and Arcadia, but it's unknown if caused Pyre and his team to revert to normal.[3]



Pyre is a Deviant who is able to control the atmosphere around him in order to fly, ionize particles in order to create lightning bolts, and induce combustion for fiery blasts of energy.

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