Pyro was first seen fighting the Friends of Humanity and meeting Nightcrawler. He was a member of the Morlocks, and a supporter of Xavier's cause. He told Nightcrawler that he would have liked to have been a member of the X-Men.[1]

He was later rescued from a Sentinel attack by Bishop and Storm, who recruit him as a member of their new team of X-Men.[2] It was hinted by Bishop that the recruits were "legends" in the future, meaning that Pyro may have had much potential. [3]

At one point, he cauterized a bullet wound by pressing flames against it. Bishop later had Pyro infiltrate the Mutant Liberation Front as a spy for his team. The group's leader Stryfe recognized that Pyro was a spy, but confessed that he had nothing to hide, and wished that he would join the group in earnest.[4]

Pyro would later leave the X-Men for an unknown reason and joined with the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy. When Mastermind took down Valkyrie of the Ultimates he appeared eager to join Mastermind in raping her, until Valkyrie woke from the mind control and decapitated Mastermind as well as slicing Pyro's hands off. It is unknown whether he survived this injury.[5]


  • Pyrokinesis: Pyro was able to generate flame, firing blasts like a flamethrower or using it to cauterize wounds. He had yet to demonstrate any fine control over fire, though he could direct it to a limited degree. Bishop's claims that he would become legendary suggests reserves of power as yet untapped.


He was not immune to his fires effects, and was extensively covered with scar tissue, noting that he has few nerve endings left and thus little sense of touch.

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