Pyromania was a pyromaniac, and was declared mad by the law. He had super-powers so he was sent to the Ravencroft to be studied and, possibly, cured or rehabilitated.

Thanks to Barker's emotions, Shriek fed enough to free herself and other "guests" of the Institute: Pyromania, Gale, Mayhem and Webber, manipulating them with her powers. However Mayhem didn't want to ally with assassins like them so she attacked them with her toxic gas. Pyromania burn the toxic gas, saving Webber, and Gale knocked Mayhem out. Soon after, Pyromania joined his fire to Shriek and Gale's powers and smashed the titanium door that cut them off from the rest of the institute.

They found Spider-Man and John Jameson. Spider-Man webbed Pyromania who burned the web in two seconds. Then Pyromania flew behind Jameson and melted his narcotic gun with his fire. Spider-Man webbed again Pyromania, but this time he used the pyrokinetic as a whip against Mayhem. Pyromania again freed himself from the web and tried to attack Spider-Man but he was hit in his "low" parts from Spider-Man, who had been warned by his Spider-Sense.

A few minutes later, Pyromania, Gale, and Webber were being manipulated again by Shriek, who changed ideas and directed her energy powers against them. Spider-Man saved them and after having defeated the shrieking criminal with the help of Jameson, took Pyromania and the other criminals in their cells.[1]


He can project flames and fly. His fire can burn Mayhem's toxic mist without any effect on him.

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